the gathering liverpool

“In the long history of humankind, and of animalkind too, those who  
learn to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

Charles Darwin

The Gathering is a space for improvisation, where musicians can be together and play what they see fit in the moment.

The Gathering is not a
workshop, and no external structures will be imposed.

The Gathering is not a
concert: everyone in the room is a participant, including those who may be listening.

The Gathering is not a
rehearsal or recording
session: it is the actual thing itself.

Sessions will be held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Sandon Room in the
Bluecoat Arts Centre, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX,
gathering dec 2013
photo by David Brown

  Upcoming dates will be as below:

Upcoming Gatherings:

Wed Mar 9th 2016
Wed Apr 13th 2016
Wed May 11th 2016
Wed June 8th 2016

all 7.30-9.30pm in the Sandon Room at the Bluecoat

The Infinite Monkey Orchestra's performance on 24-11-09 has been recorded, and is currently out on the Electronic Musik netlabel.  You can find and enjoy this recording (for free!) at

gathering jan 2012 photo by Si Mack
photo by Si Mack

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